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The topic of should we or should we not replace our roof in the wintertime or wait till spring.

Roof replacementThe age-old question of roofing contractors offers their services year-round even in cold and snowy regions like Denver.

First, let’s look at what makes roof replacement more difficult in the wintertime of year and the complaint of having a roof installed in the wintertime.

The temperature in Denver is way too cold to do Roof Replacement

  • That’s not really true you can install a roof in the wintertime. The fact that if you have snow and ice on the roof deck you can take precautions to ensure the safety of install techs to remove any snow and ice to allow the sun to dry out the work area to do later in the afternoon or the next day.
  • It’s true most roof contractors would rather work on a cool or cold day just for the fact that the heat differential is enormous to deal with. If it is 85 on the ground the sun glare can raise the temperature will over 100 degrees or more.

What do we do with snow if it’s on the roof?

  • Smile, and get your guys rigged up to clean the snow off the roof. Safety is key, and experience will play into the operation of removing snow. I would strongly suggest not use a snowblower up there. But it would make a great YouTube video though. LOL

Good Idea for roof replacement in the offseason

  • The slow time of the year is great to get the best value to save some money. Just like the vacation market adjusts its pricing in the winter or off-season to generate revenue this printable is the same in the home improvement industry as well.
  • In the spring the volume of projects will increase.
  • In the summer the volume will triple by 4 times.
  • With the fall season, all the procrastinator’s will be bagging the phone’s to get someone there
  • Here we are back to the idea of off-season installations’.

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