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  • Hailstorm-Repair

    Hailstorm Repair

    May 29, 2024
    Why Choose Ernie's Roofing When There Is a Hailstorm Repair   Hey there, friend! It’s Ernie here from Ernie’s Roofing.…
  • Modified-Torch-Down-Roof

    Tips to DIY Roof Repair

    May 12, 2024
    DIY Roof Repair: Essential Tips from Denver's Trusted Roofing Contractor Learn how to DIY roof repair with expert tips from…
  • Wind-Roof-Damage

    Shingle Roof Repair

    May 5, 2024
    Shingle Roof Repair Your Solution for Reliable Roofing Fixes Welcome to Ernie's Roofing, where our family has been serving Denver's…
  • Roofing Contractor

    Guide to Installing Step Flashings

    May 4, 2024
    Guide to Installing Step Flashings for a Leak-Proof Roof Welcome back to Ernie's Roofing blog, where we're dedicated to sharing…
  • Drip-Edge-Flashing

    What is Drip Edge Flashing

    May 3, 2024
    What is Drip Edge Flashing: A Comprehensive Guide Learn about the importance of drip edge flashing from Ernie's Roofing, a…
  • Roofing-Contractor-Denver

    Questions Roofing Contractors

    April 23, 2024
    Questions Roofing Contractors Ask That Homeowner Should Never Answer As a seasoned roofing contractor with years of experience in the…
  • Wind-Roof-Damage

    What A New Roof Will Cost In 2024

    April 16, 2024
    What A New Roof Will Cost In 2024: A Comprehensive Guide by Ernie's Roofing Are you considering a roof replacement…
  • Wind-Roof-Damage

    Wind Damage Roof Claim – To File or Not to File

    April 8, 2024
    Wind Damage Roof Claim - To File or Not to File? Are you facing Wind Damage Roof to your roof?…
  • What is Roofing Ice and Water Shield

    April 3, 2024
    Ernie's Roofing: Your Trusted Roofing Contractor Since 1978 in Denver Are you considering a roof replacement? As a seasoned roofing…
  • Drip-Edge

    Is Roof Replacement Covered by Homeowners Insurance

    April 1, 2024
    Your Ultimate Guide to Roof Replacement Covered by Homeowner's Insurance Expert advice on navigating the process of roof replacement covered…