RoofResearch has unveiled that most homeowners don’t know the perfect time to replace their roof. This, however, exposes them to the risk of getting injured should in case the top crushes. In order to assist you, below are the top reasons why you need to replace your roof.

It’s already too old

The average lifespan of a roof is about 25 years. Therefore, if your roof is older than this, you should think of replacing it. If you are not sure, you should call on a professional to inspect it for you. If found lacking, it can put you and your family members at risk. Hence, you should hire a professional to replace it.

The top is leaking

Although not all leakages require that you should change the entire roof, it is quite an indication that you should give it some attention. Leaking roof means that the flashing is destroyed and you should replace it. More so, when you notice a leak in your roof, you should fix it as soon as possible. If you hesitate for a while, the dripping water can cause further damage to the underlying materials.

The shingles have buckled or curled

Buckled or curled shingles exposes your home to external elements. They also expose your roof the potential risk of blowing off if storm occurs. Two major reasons why shingles may become buckled is old age and moisture. In order to ensure maximum safety for you and your family, you should replace your roof when they become curled.

There are algae on the top of the house

Algae are constantly present in the air and looking for damp places to manifest. If your top has excess/unnecessary moisture, algae may start to grow on your roof and continue to weaken the top with time. If you notice algae infestation on your roof, you should first inspect it to be sure it isn’t much, then you can scrap it off. However, if it is much, then you should consider replacing them.

The chimney is leaking

Your chimney should be adequately flashed for it to function properly. However, if the chimney seems to be leaking, then the flashing was not connected properly to the top of the house. On most occasions, this problem comes when the top is damaged and need renovation. Hence, you should contact an expert to check if the issue can be resolved by flashing or it requires complete replacement.

You are having high energy bills

An abnormally high heating and cooling bill is a sign of poor ventilation/insulation resulting from the poor performance of your roof. Consequently, you should ask your contractor to inspect your roof and give necessary recommendations.


Roofs in poor condition can pose a serious problem to life and properties under it. To make the best decision, you should first call on an expert contractor to inspect it for you. The best outcome, however, can be achieved by replacing the roof with new, high-quality units.


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