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Welcome to Ernie’s Roofing, your trusted partner for roofing solutions in Denver since 1978. With a rich legacy spanning three generations of skilled contractors, we bring you unparalleled expertise in the roofing industry. In this detailed guide, we will delve into the world of flat roofing materials, focusing on their suitability for Denver’s unique climate and architectural demands.

The Denver Roofing Landscape

Denver’s weather can be quite a challenge for roofing systems, with its varying temperatures, intense sunlight, and occasional heavy snowfall. As a licensed contractor and a member of a third-generation family of contractors, we understand the significance of choosing the right flat roofing material to withstand these conditions.

EPDM: Enduring Protection for Denver Roofs

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer), also known as rubber roofing, has a strong presence in Denver due to its impressive durability. This synthetic rubber material provides exceptional weather resistance, making it a reliable choice for the city’s unpredictable weather patterns. UV rays, ozone, and extreme temperatures are no match for EPDM’s resilience, ensuring that your roof remains intact for years to come. Our team at Ernie’s Roofing has witnessed EPDM’s longevity firsthand, making it a top recommendation for Denver homeowners.

Tips: Consider opting for EPDM if your roof requires robust protection against Denver’s ever-changing weather conditions. #EPDMDenver #WeatherproofRoofing


TPO: Thriving Under Denver’s Sun

TPO (Thermoplastic Olefin) roofing has gained popularity in Denver’s roofing landscape due to its energy-efficient properties. With Denver’s abundant sunlight, TPO’s reflective surface aids in reducing cooling costs by deflecting sunlight and heat. Its white and light-colored variants are especially effective in minimizing heat absorption, making TPO a sustainable and cost-effective choice for the city.

Example: A local Denver business saw a significant reduction in their energy bills after installing TPO roofing on their commercial building.

Tips: Explore TPO for a roofing solution that complements Denver’s sunny climate while lowering your energy expenses. #TPODenver #EnergyEfficientRoofing


PVC: Durability Beyond Expectations

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) roofing has carved a niche in Denver’s roofing market due to its unparalleled strength and resistance to various elements. PVC roofs are not only fire-resistant but also highly durable, making them a sound investment for Denver properties. These roofs can withstand extreme weather conditions without showing signs of deterioration, a crucial factor in Denver’s climate.

Tips: For a roofing material that combines durability and resistance, PVC stands as a reliable choice in Denver’s ever-changing weather. #PVCDenver #DurableRoofing


BUR: Time-Tested Reliability

Built-Up Roofing (BUR) has been a go-to option for Denver roofs for decades. Its multiple layers of bitumen and reinforcement materials provide excellent waterproofing and insulation, essential in Denver’s climate. BUR’s ability to handle foot traffic and its robust nature align well with the city’s maintenance requirements.


1. How long does a BUR roof typically last in Denver’s climate? BUR roofs, when properly installed and maintained, can last between 20 to 30 years in Denver’s climate.

2. Are BUR roofs suitable for commercial properties in Denver? Yes, BUR roofs are a popular choice for commercial properties in Denver due to their durability and resilience.

3. Can BUR roofs handle heavy snowfall? Yes, the multiple layers in a BUR roof make it capable of withstanding heavy snowfall without compromising its integrity.

4. Is BUR roofing cost-effective in the long run? While BUR installation might have higher upfront costs, its long lifespan and minimal maintenance requirements make it cost-effective over time.

5. How important is professional installation for BUR roofing in Denver? Professional installation is crucial for BUR roofing to ensure proper layering, waterproofing, and overall performance in Denver’s climate.


Modified Bitumen: Flexibility in Action

Modified Bitumen roofing has earned its place in Denver’s roofing market due to its flexibility and adaptability to temperature changes. Its enhanced performance compared to traditional BUR makes it a popular choice for homeowners seeking a durable solution that can handle Denver’s climatic variations.

Green Roofing: Sustainability and Style

Green roofing, or living roofs, has emerged as an eco-friendly option in Denver. With its vegetation and plants, green roofs provide natural insulation and contribute to improved air quality. While they require specialized design and installation, their sustainability and aesthetic appeal make them an attractive choice for environmentally conscious Denver residents.

Tips: For homeowners committed to sustainability, green roofing offers a unique blend of environmental benefits and visual appeal. #GreenRoofingDenver #SustainableLiving


Metal Roofing: Modern Aesthetics, Lasting Strength

Metal roofing introduces a sleek and modern aesthetic to Denver roofs. With options like aluminum, steel, and copper, metal roofs not only look stylish but also offer exceptional durability. Their resistance to fire and longevity make them a valuable investment for Denver properties.

Tips: Explore the contemporary elegance of metal roofing while benefiting from its remarkable strength and resistance in Denver’s challenging climate. #MetalRoofingDenver #ModernRoofDesign


Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF): Insulation Redefined

SPF roofing provides an innovative approach to insulation. By creating a seamless insulation layer, SPF roofs effectively seal gaps, preventing energy loss. This lightweight option is particularly appealing for Denver properties seeking enhanced energy efficiency.



In conclusion, the world of flat roofing materials offers a diverse range of options to cater to Denver’s unique climate and architectural requirements. Whether it’s the enduring protection of EPDM, the energy efficiency of TPO, the durability of PVC, or the flexibility of modified bitumen, each material presents distinct advantages. The time-tested reliability of BUR, the eco-friendliness of green roofing, the modern aesthetics of metal roofing, and the innovative insulation of SPF further enrich the choices available to Denver homeowners.

At Ernie’s Roofing, our legacy of three generations of contractors empowers us to provide authoritative guidance in selecting the perfect flat roofing material for your Denver property. Your roofing project is a crucial investment, and our commitment is to ensure that you make an informed decision that guarantees long-term success and satisfaction.

Have questions or need personalized assistance? Reach out to us today for expert advice tailored to your Denver roofing needs. We look forward to being your partner in enhancing the durability, beauty, and value of your property’s roofing system.


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